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Tamale Kit

Our DIY Tamale Kits are here to facilitate the process of getting to the fun part: building tamales for sharing it as a family! 

Our tamale kits come with 4 lbs. of masa, husks and recipe instructions to make up to 30 tamales! Make a filling of your choice, from chicken to beef, from beans & cheese to mixed mushrooms, follow the instructions for fillings and steaming, and enjoy!






"Nací," is short for “renacímiento” the Spanish word for rebirth, and the brand of our line of tortillas, masa, polenta and corn products. We chose this word to symbolize the work that we’re doing at De La Mesa Farms to reinvigorate and reintroduce modern society to maíz, also known as dent corn. We grow and process this ancient food the way our ancestors intended - in harmony with the land, the environment and the people. The Aztecs believed that the origin of human life was intertwined with the discovery of corn. In this way, corn is in our blood, our skin, our essence.

Tamale Kit

Sunday, February 4 at West Seattle Farmers Market
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