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Polenta (Maiz Morado)
  • Polenta is just water and coarse-ground, usually yellow cornmeal. Or is it? There’s salt, too, right? How much? And how much water? Are other liquids okay? Do you combine, then bring to a boil? Or bring to a boil, then combine? Do you really have to stir constantly? What about soaking overnight? What about mix-ins? What to serve with? What’s the weather? What’s the meaning of life?


    Eh! Don’t worry about any of that. When it comes to polenta, there’s no one right answer. Actually, there are a lot of right answers, and that’s the best part.


    Here we have polenta, which are ground corn kernels, from our Maiz Morado, a purple variety of dent corn originating from Tlaxcala in Mexico and grown on our 2-acre regenerative farm.


    Each package contains 10 oz. of ground corn and nothing else. Gluten-free, nut-free, dairy-free.






    “Nací," is short for “renacímiento” the Spanish word for rebirth, and the name of our brand of corn products. We chose this word to symbolize the work that we’re doing at De La Mesa Farms to reinvigorate and reintroduce modern society to maíz, also known as dent corn. We grow and process this ancient food the way our ancestors intended - in harmony with the land, the environment and the people. The Aztecs believed that the origin of human life was intertwined with the discovery of corn. In this way, corn is in our blood, our skin, our essence.

    Polenta (Maiz Morado)

    Available at the next West Seattle Farmers Market
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