Pastured Egg CSA (Pay As You Go)

Looking for fresh eggs during the summer from happy and healthy chickens? Then sign up for our weekly subscription of the free-range, pastured eggs (available from April - August). Receive a dozen eggs each week. 


Our chickens are raised on pasture and fed our extra veggies and organic feed (no growth hormones, no medication, no preservatives). Our eggs are produced on our farm by our lovely chickens who help to restore soil health and increase fertility. They live in a mobile coop at night so they are safe and range freely with plenty of fresh grass, sunlight, and vegetation feed which makes them very happy and healthy!


You will be able to pick up your subscriptions on our farm, located in Tacoma (N. Creek Clover Collins District) or at our 2022 farmers market locations.

Pastured Egg CSA (Pay As You Go)

Price Options
Weekly Egg Share
$10.00weekly/ auto-renew
  • Very much like buying a magazine subscription, a subscription in a CSA, aka Community Supported Agriculture, buys you a share of a farmer’s harvest at the beginning of a growing season. Each week during the harvest season, the subscribing member will get an order of the farm’s vegetable and fruit harvest. The model allows farmers to plan and accumulate the capital necessary to grow their crops, and it allows members to get hyper fresh locally-grown produce. 

  • You will notified via email when your order is ready for pickup. You will have the option of picking up your order directly from our farm located in Tacoma, Washington (N. Clover Creek Collins District), or at farmers markets located across the Puget Sound region (to be confirmed).